What is the meaning of good in Urdu? | good meaning in Urdu

What is the meaning of good in Urdu? | good meaning in Urdu

Good meaning in Urdu. The word good can mean different things in English depending on the context of its use, but in Urdu, it only has one meaning — and there are no exceptions to this! The following table will show you how to use the word good correctly in Urdu. If you have any doubts about the usage of this word, feel free to ask us!
The word good in Urdu means اچھی, which actually translates to new or improved in English. If you want to say that something is really good, you can say that it’s the best in Urdu, which would be.

Good is a concept with both intrinsic and extrinsic meanings. For example, you might describe a person as good because they have good manners or because they’re generous and kind. As an adjective, good describes something that has positive attributes; as an adverb, it indicates high quality.
Good meaning in Urdu is اچھی.

good meaning in Urdu

good meaning in Urdu

Examples in Urdu
کسی کا خوب بندہ معنی اور انگریزی معنی : Kisi ka Khub badan mein miay aur angrezey mein miay. (Literal Translation: There are different meanings for good and bad in English and Urdu.)..(also interpreted as) Do good to get good.

The word good has various meanings and is used in so many sentences and phrases in English. To help you understand these meanings, we bring to you an introduction to using good with prepositions such as on, at, above, over, by/through/under, etc. For example good meaning in Urdu.

Good, better, best. The comparative form good is generally followed by an adjective or adverb that shows how well a person or thing performs a function.

good meaning in Urdu

good meaning in Urdu

In Urdu, there are two main meanings for good. First, it can mean good as in something being healthy (like when you say she has a good heart). In the second instance, it can mean good as in someone who does what is right and isn’t evil (in other words: a good person). For example

Although there are so many meanings associated with ‘good’ in English, awesome has its own definition in Urdu. The word awesome or awaz means something which gives us goosebumps or shivers down our spine. Awesome can be used as a noun as well as an adjective.

Good meaning in Urdu.

The word siblings or brothers and sisters, in a very general sense, means people that share one parent’s genes, but not necessarily both parents’ time equally. In other words, siblings are family members who have just one common parent.

Indeed, there are a lot of people out there who do some good things. They do all sorts of charity work, help out people, and are generally just kind individuals. But, is it just about being good to other people? What does ‘good’ mean from an Islamic perspective? Can you have a meaningful life without doing any good deeds at all? This is what we will be trying to answer today.

Good meaning in Urdu is گڈ as it is written in Urdu and good as it is written in Roman Urdu. Other good meanings in Urdu are Achha, Bhula, Khoob, Umdah, Munasib, Maqbool, Pakeeza, Achi, Nafees, and Naik. You can find more good, meanings, synonyms, and translations here.

Aband, Acceptable, Ace, Admirable, Agreeable, Bad, Boss, Bully, Capital, Choice, Commendable, Congenial, Crack, Deluxe, Excellent, Exceptional, Favorable, Gnarly, Gratifying, Great, Honorable, Marvelous, Neat, Nice, Pleasing, Positive, Precious, Reputable, Satisfactory, Satisfying, Select, Sound, Spanking, Sterling, Super, Superb, Superior, Valuable, Welcome, Wonderful, Worthy, Prime. Good meaning in Urdu.

Detestable, Disagreeable, Evil, Expected, Fake, Forged, Immoral, Inadequate, Incompetent, Inconsequential, Inconsiderable, Inferior, Insignificant, Mean, Minor, Misbehaving, Noxious, Ok, Ordinary, Poor, Rotten, Sinful, Tainted, Unacceptable, Unhelpful, Unimportant, Unpleasant, Unreal, Unreliable, Unsatisfactory, Unskilled, Unsuitable, Vicious, Vile, Wicked, Worthless,

The word good (حسن) means good, well, best. The adjective حسن has an objective case and a plural form. The adjectives خیر and افضل also mean good, but they have different meanings. Adjective خیر means necessary while افضل means better or greater. Good meaning in Urdu.

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